Combining experiential concepts, specialized materials, and modern technology from around the world, Circle Wellness Studios creates not just wellness amenities, but multi-sensory wellness experiences.


Zen Mountain Spa, Kimberley BC


Private residence, Tofino BC


Circle Studio, Vancouver BC

Our designs are super efficient and functionally diverse. This eliminates wasted energy and physical space which is associated with traditional wellness amenities such as saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools, and hot tubs. 

Explore the features of our flagship design, the WelPod.

> Himalayan crystal salt walls
> Intelligent controls
> High efficiency design
> Radiant floor, ceiling, and wall heat

> Open concept interior
> Multiple dimmable lighting channels
> Total ventilation control
> Invisible sound design

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Why Himalayan Salt is the essence of the Welpod

  • Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • Sterilizes the air and neutralizes odour. The Welpod smells fresh during and after use.
  • Over 150 million years old, this salt contains 86 minerals and trace elements which can be absorbed through the skin.
  • Heated salt produces negative ions, which helps the body to absorb and utilize oxygen, strengthen the immune system, and metabolize serotonin in the brain, which elevates the mood and energy levels.
  • The salt walls increase efficiency by slowing heat loss.
  • When heated, the salt bricks act as a thermal mass, storing and evenly redistributing heat.
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Blissful. I was immediately struck by the modern design and weighty, rustic natural wood. Open the doors to be greeted with the ambient glow of himalayan crystal salt brick walls. This radiating retreat creates an all-encompassing warmth. A sensual and open space to truly let go, sweat, detoxify. meditate or practice yoga.

Dallas Eresman – Maiwa, Vancouver

I felt safe, soothed, and delighted in the simplicity of the peaceful surrounds of the studio and the warmth of the heat coming from the floor and walls. The salt bricks provide a perfect healing energy that resonates right to the core. A true space for personal healing and transformation.

Susan Horning – Owner of Unity Yoga, Vancouver

The luminous glow of the mineral salt walls emanated warmth, soothing and transporting me from my cluttered mind and the noisy city to the stillness of a sacred alter-dimension. Spreading out on the warm floor feeling as though I had just traveled to an unknown tropical paradise. My nervous system gave a sigh of relief feeling the deep healing potency of the space. I practiced a short focused yoga flow, felt a purifying sweat, followed by a deep peaceful relaxation. I walked out feeling a strengthened vitality, clarity and charge like I had just been on an exotic holiday!

Kaili B. – Urban Dance Rituals, Open Door Yoga

I notice an immediate feeling of well-being while relaxing inside and feel fantastic and full of energy after getting out. I love how comfortable the temperature is and appreciate the added features of heated flooring, fresh air ventilation and a fantastic sound system...

Heather – Poke Community Acupuncture

...The radiant heat coming off the hundreds of beautiful salt bricks gives a deep felt sense of warmth and security which likely explains the emotional component of this type of healing. With the soft backlighting, it gave the entire room an enticing soft amber glow as the light flowed through the walls...

Dr. Jonn Matsen, N.D. – North Shore Naturopathic Clinic