What is the warranty?

We offer a 2 year unlimited manufacturers warranty on all mechanical and structural components. We provide any follow up service and support within 1 year of purchase at no charge with an extended 3 year service warranty available for an additional cost.

How much does a Welpod cost?

Every Welpod is custom made.  Size, location, and material selection cause the price to vary.  Typical Welpod installations start at 40K, and other types of Circle Wellness installations are available at a lower price point.

Please get in touch for a free estimate.

How much space do I need ?

Due to the concept primarily being around functionality and full range of motion, the footprint of the pod can be no less than 8’x8’.

Is it a sauna?

Like a sauna, The Welpod can be used for raising the body temperature, however the open interior design and features create environmental diversity.  Unlike a traditional or infrared sauna, The Welpod can be used for hot yoga, massage therapy, or any other practice that involves full range of motion.

Where does the assembly process take place?

Exterior models are built at our facility in North Vancouver and dropped in place using a crane if possible.  If on site specifics do not allow crane installation, the pod is built and assembled in panels.

Interior models are custom built on site with some pre-fabrication taking place at the Vancouver headquarters.

How long will the salt last?

The salt is over 150 million years old and it will last another 150 million years if it is kept in a dry environment. Our pods are not humid environments, therefore the salt will never need to be replaced.

What is required for maintenance?

Welpod maintenance is simple. The floor can be wiped clean with water and a natural cleaner such as tea tree oil.  The salt walls are naturally anti-bacterial and can occasionally be wiped with a wet cloth.

How long does it take to pre-heat?

Our product is so efficiently designed that it maintains a base temperature of 40 degrees celsius with the in floor heating alone, while consuming about 70 cents per day of electricity at 7 cents/KWH. Since the salt bricks act as a big thermal mass, and the insulation value is so high, we can keep the pod ready for hot yoga use all the time for less than it costs to run a pool or spa. In floor heaters are 600watts total in our base model, and consume less power than an electric kettle or 4’ baseboard heater. When the user desires a higher temperature, the ceiling heat is engaged and the pod climbs in temperature about 4 degrees celsius per hour and consumes 2250 watts of electricity. A regular sauna takes about 1 hour to preheat, depending on the size and standing temperature, and typically has a heater that consumes anywhere from 4000-6000 watts of electricity. The Welpod design is superior in efficiency and usable at any time, just like a pool or hot tub. Our control interface allows the user to preheat the pod to higher temperatures from anywhere.

Can I retrofit salt walls into my existing sauna?

No. Due to the design concept, the functionality would be lost if we were to attempt to install salt walls in a traditional or infrared sauna. Our company mission is to create expansive environments, and this would not be possible by limiting our footprint to that of an existing sauna with benches and exposed heating elements.

What are some of the most proven benefits of raising the body temperature?

-stress relief
-detoxification through sweating
-escape, mindfulness, relaxation.
-relief of arthritic and musculoskeletal pain and tension
-improves skin conditions
-strengthens immune system by inducing fever, which increases production of white blood cells, helping to fight illness and kill viruses
-improves cardiovascular health by increasing heart rate, dilating capillaries and improving blood flow