we create expansive environments that serve as a personal sanctuary to balance and improve ourselves.


The Welpod

Designed for exploration in movement, relaxation, and
meditation. Some of the most pronounced benefits include_





The worlds first therapeutic smart room capable of temperatures up to 70C (158F). We like it best around 45C (113F).

Explore the Welpod’s Features

> Himalayan crystal salt walls
> Intelligent controls
> High efficiency design
> Radiant floor, ceiling, and wall heat

> Open concept interior
> Multiple dimmable lighting channels
> Total ventilation control
> Invisible sound design

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Blissful. I was immediately struck by the modern design and weighty, rustic natural wood. Open the doors to be greeted with the ambient glow of himalayan crystal salt brick walls. This radiating retreat creates an all-encompassing warmth. A sensual and open space to truly let go, sweat, detoxify. meditate or practice yoga.

Dallas Eresman – Maiwa, Vancouver

I felt safe, soothed, and delighted in the simplicity of the peaceful surrounds of the studio and the warmth of the heat coming from the floor and walls. The salt bricks provide a perfect healing energy that resonates right to the core. A true space for personal healing and transformation.

Susan Horning – Owner of Unity Yoga, Vancouver

The WelPod itself is transformative. I exit feeling like a new man, refreshed, refocussed, and dare I say - re-birthed. I love that feeling of being calm and clean. Like after a long day at the beach, feeling nourished from sun and washing away the sand. The WelPod delivers that feeling without ever leaving your home, and I hate to say it, but in this hyper-connected attention-deficit-driven world, in a fraction of the time.

Jonas AltmanSocial Fabric

...The radiant heat coming off the hundreds of beautiful salt bricks gives a deep felt sense of warmth and security which likely explains the emotional component of this type of healing. With the soft backlighting, it gave the entire room an enticing soft amber glow as the light flowed through the walls...

Dr. Jonn Matsen, N.D. – North Shore Naturopathic Clinic

I still can’t believe how simple and seamless the WelPod experience is. I found myself suddenly disconnected from the usual everyday buzz and now connected to my internal thoughts, feelings, and senses.

For someone who is so passionate about his mission in the world and confident about the value that he brings with his work, Paul is incredibly understanding and took the time to explain his work and the “why” behind it.

Thank you Paul for an incredible experience that brought me back in touch with my inner strength, vitality and aliveness.

Husseinh HallackLaunch Academy, Vancouver

Salt in Design.

Himalayan crystal salt is widely recognized for its benefits when consumed internally, but that’s not all it’s good for. When used in design, here are some of its unique qualities_

  • Sterilizes the air

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Stores heat and increases efficiency

  • Minerals and trace elements are absorbable through the skin on contact

  • Helps to relieve skin problems

  • Produces negative ions when heated, which is known to elevate the mood

  • Dimmable backlighting creates soothing glowing effect

Canadian artist Paul Hennessey is best known for creating unique and therapeutic environments.  Deeply rooted in nature and healthy living, his designs are also inspired by the many journeys that Paul has experienced deep in the wilds of British Columbia and globally.  Always curious and seeking personal expansion, Paul believes that one’s surrounding environment can be an effective catalyst for growth and healing. With that in mind, Circle Wellness Studios was created to design the most innovative, harmonized, and visually appealing personal wellness spaces available on the market today.

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