What is the warranty?

On all of our installations, we offer a 2 year unlimited warranty on all mechanical and structural components.

We provide follow up service and support free of charge within 1 year of purchase.

How much space do I need to accommodate a WelPod?

The footprint of the WelPod can be no less than 8’x8’.  This minimum requirement allows for full range of motion and functional diversity

How much energy does a WelPod use?

The WelPod design is incredibly efficient and unique.  The building envelope technology allows very little heat loss and the thermal mass of the salt bricks hold heat naturally. We can maintain a constant base temperature of around 40C while consuming about $1 of electricity per day.

The WelPod costs less than a sauna, swimming pool, or hot tub to operate and is usable 24 hours a day.  Our specialized control system allows us to schedule the temperature according to our routine.  This allows us to eliminate wasted energy when it’s not being used.

What is the difference between the WelPod and a sauna?

Like a sauna, The WelPod can be used for raising the body temperature, however the functionality of The WelPod is very diverse in comparison.

Unlike a regular sauna, the WelPod can also be used meditation, hot yoga, massage, and multi-sensory experiences.

The materials that we use have some notable advantages over the typical sauna.  Salt, thermal wood, smart controls, ventilation, sound and lighting design.

The open concept space, with no sauna stove, allows for safe and comfortable movement practice with full range of motion.

We also are able to explore sensory deprivation with complete blackness as we mix in sound, air, and radiant heat.  Truly a unique experience that is similar to floating, but here you have gravity and more space.

Another notable difference is the ability to create your own customized sessions with no need for on the fly adjustments.  Just open and close the door to start your personalized session.


Where does the assembly process take place?

Interior models are custom built on site with some pre-fab taking place at the Vancouver headquarters.

Exterior models are built at a pre-fab facility near Vancouver and dropped in place using a crane.

How long will the salt last?

The salt is over 150 million years old and it will last another 150 million years if it is kept in a dry environment. The WelPod is not a wet environment, therefore the salt will never need to be replaced, guaranteed.

With our smart room controls, we monitor and control the humidity levels to make sure the salt will never be damaged.

What is required for maintenance in a WelPod?

Maintenance is extremely simple.  The floor can be wiped clean with water and a natural cleaner such as tea tree oil. The salt walls are naturally anti-bacterial and can occasionally be wiped with a wet cloth to clean from dust and other particulate.

Can I retrofit salt walls into my existing sauna?

No. Due to the design concept, the functionality would be lost if we were to attempt to install salt walls in a traditional or infrared sauna. Our company mission is to create expansive environments, and this would not be possible by limiting our footprint to that of an existing sauna with benches and exposed heating elements.