The WelPod

A contemporary reinvention of the sauna that features natural therapeutic materials in an open concept space, allowing for full range of motion and functional diversity.  

The space utilizes extraordinary sound, light, heat, and ventilation design to deliver unparallelled and consistent results.


Ofuro soaking tub

Soaking in natural untreated cedar provides an experience that is unparalleled.

Open concept box type design allows for full range of motion.

We always drain and fill between use to avoid using harsh chemicals, and we enhance the water before it enters.

Cedar Tub

Soaking in natural untreated cedar provides an experience that is unparalleled by any other tub. Inspired by our travels to Japan, we have created a new version of the Ofuro tub that celebrates the experience of true nature bathing. Our solid cedar tubs produce incredible aromas and they are meticulously  crafted using the finest wood from the Pacific Northwest. We have utilized both modern and traditional joinery techniques, providing a strong, clean, and simple aesthetic. Custom interior and exterior models are made to order in beautiful Vancouver BC.


The Circuit

The world’s first private thermal spa circuit, in a box.

Prefabricated and deployed to businesses to operate in partnership with Circle Wellness.  

The Circuit is a self-guided, practitioner-free, ship & play business opportunity for simple installation and low-cost operation, anywhere in the world.

Coming soon.


Explore more about the WelPod

Our unique technology enables us to create a safe and diverse multi-sensory environment. As a result of this system, the WelPod is the first therapeutic smart room of its kind in the world.

WelPod Features

  • Himalayan crystal salt walls
  • High efficiency design
  • Radiant floor heat
  • Infrared ceiling heat
  • Open concept interior
  • Multiple dimmable lighting channels
  • Ventilation
  • Sound resonance

Smart Control Benefits

  • Increase efficiency
  • Schedule the climate
  • Control and monitor from anywhere in the world
  • Program light, sound, heat, ventilation
  • Design your own custom sessions

The materials that we work with are an integral part of our work.  They all have a special story and we are very excited to share them with you.

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